Engagement Throw

Today, my two young grandchildren came to my house to visit, play, explore, and eat.  They are a pair of very active toddlers, ages four and one.  Nothing brings me (Nana) and my husband (Pop Pop), more joy than have these youngsters play and frolick every where that their daddy and auntie did.  

In addition to running around every bit of yard and picking up every single pine cone that they see, they love to open all of the accessible cupboards and see what treasures they find.  Now, I've mentioned before my beloved China closet that belonged to my great-grandmother, Emma.  I inherited it before I was even married, and have always been VERY protective of it.  My kids could hardly look at it, never mind put a finger on it.  

But, as it seems to go with grand-parenthood, we tend to mature, mellow, and relax.  So, much to my son's horror, I allow those little grand-cherubs to explore - with supervision - the contents of the China closet.  My son was aghast (yes, aghast!) the first time I let my grandson hold one of the treasures.    What I have learned now and didn't realize then was that the present generation can have a connection to their great-great-great grandmother, just by holding and enjoying these same treasures.

So, today, I saw my one-year old granddaughter completely smitten with the roses of the engagement throw her Pop Pop's grandmother made for us, about 30 years ago.  That's a picture of it, up there ^^^.  I had it tucked away in a cedar chest when my kids were small, as I didn't want it to get covered in cat hair (we had three), or somehow ruined.  Last year, I decided to display it in our dining room, using a vintage walking cane as a rod.  That little girl kept walking up to those pink roses, gently touching them, and softly saying, 'Wow'.  It made my heart full, to see her reach out and physically touch the loving handiwork of her great-great grandmother.

I was honored to see this quiet, almost unnoticeable, connection (that spans five generations) meet through a crocheted rose throw.

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