Daydreams and Pencils

Recently, I came across a couple of 'old school' pencil sharpeners.  They reminded me of a couple of things.  

The first being how they were a means of escape for a brief stint of day dreaming in elementary school.  Remember in third grade when the pencil sharpener was bolted to the bookshelf in front of the window and you’d break off the top of your pencil just so you could go look outside?  Mm-hmm - me, too.  (Oh, and extra Score! if the sharpener needed emptying)

The second was when 'mechanical' pencils suddenly became the rage when my children were young.  My son just 'had' to have some.  I couldn't understand the appeal of paying for these plastic holders of teeny, tiny, thin lead that would break off every time I'd try to write with one.  And, the erasers were always falling out.  Grrrr.....

Give me a No. 2 and a nice, sturdy Boston sharpener and I'll crank away until there's an impressive point on the end.  And even though it's silly when everyone does it ~ the 'blow' at the end to show satisfaction of a point well made.

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