Wood Used to Reign

Who remembers when wood was a staple of items in and around the home?  I'm not talking about furniture, such as the kitchen table, rocking chairs, beds, dressers, desks, etc.  I'm talking about tools that had wooden handles, kitchen wares that were made of wood, and wood trim - real wood trim, as accents.  It's pretty hard to come by nowadays, with nearly everything being made of either plastic or particle board wood-like items.

Several years ago, I was looking for a small wooden dresser for my daughter that was made of real wood - not a blend of compressed wood chips and held together with screws, but a nice, wooden dresser.  Other than spending mucho bucks at a furniture store, I had a heck of a time finding a decent dresser.  We finally found one at a thrift store.  I have a wonderful Ethan Allen desk that I use a vanity that my husband found for free on the side of the road about 20 years ago.  I also have a Bassett couch and sofa from the 70's that just won't quit.  It's a sturdy as all heck, because it's real wood.

Ever pick up a (seems to be) wooden item in a big box store and it's as light as a feather and looks too darn perfect because the 'wood grain' has been artistically applied? 

I truly get excited when I come across an usable vintage item that's made of real wood because I'm just so tired at seeing cheap plastic this and exorbitantly expensive that, which will break or wear out way sooner that it should.  Wooden items have character and beauty that plastic and cheap mdf wood just can't possess.  

Wooden handled kitchen utensils, sewing boxes, shoe stretchers, clothespins, memory boxes, salad bowls, serving trays, book shelves, stocking stretchers, and so on.....I'm happy to offer a variety of vintage wooden items that can still be used today as they were decades ago.

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