Notes of Time

There are those moments that can bring you right back to a previous time in your life.  You may hear a song, get a whiff of a scent, have a feeling of deja vu, or see a scene play out in your mind's eye.  I personally feel that those who love vintage are highly sensitive to these moments.

Recently, two situations that seem separate from each other instantly reconnected me to a moment in my past.  These moments feel, on a daily basis, as though they only occurred yesterday, but decades have actually passed.  And the funny thing is, they are remarkably similar.

The first occurred when I was holding my sleeping granddaughter in my arms.  I had attempted, twice, to put my sweet Sydney down for her nap in her crib, but she would awake within minutes - not having any of it.  So, I sat, on a humid, sticky day, watching my little Sydney slumber in my arms.  Suddenly, I had a flood of tears as I gazed down at her.  Had I thought, just 26 or 24 years ago, as I gazed at my own baby sleeping in my arms, that I would be here - in my son's house, watching my baby granddaughter slumber?  Did it even occur to me back then, during the darkest of nights, trying to soothe a tired and cranky baby, that I would have the privilege of doing the same with a grandchild?  

The second occurred just today, as I made a small batch of grape juice from the Concord grapes that grow in my yard.  I planted three grape vines the year my daughter was born, 1993.  I remember racing out back, baby monitor in my pocket (as both newborn and her toddler brother were napping), and finding the perfect spot with my husband to plant these new vines.  Over the years, my husband has had to build and expand a beautiful arbor that he built for those vines.  I've made countless jars of grape jam.  Today, being pressed for time, I only managed a half dozen pints of juice, but the entire time I harvested, cleaned, and processed the grape juice, I thought of my babies and how they are both grown up.  The time has passed by so swiftly.

It's amazing how, sometimes, an object isn't what stirs up our remembrances.  It's those emotions and feelings that bring us right back to yesterday, even thought that yesterday was many years ago.

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