My Dream Phone

I love vintage telephones.  I have four in use in my home and, yes, we still have a landline.  On my desk is a 1984 brown, push-button desk phone.  Next to my bed I have a 1986 beige push-button desk phone with a red light that flashes when it rings.  It came from a motel that recently closed in town.  It also has a black button for room service, but it doesn't appear to work.  On the wall between the kitchen and dining room is a 1952-ish black rotary dial wall phone.  In the garage, we have a 1979 white rotary dial desk phone.

I always, always, always wanted a black, rotary dial desk phone, with multi-line clear buttons that lit up and a red hold button.  While some people drooled over Don Draper, I was drooling over his office phone.  When Columbo visited a shady businessman during one of his investigations, I was more focused on the killer's killer phone.  I've been searching online shopping venues for years in the hopes of finding one.

And I did.

I gasped.  I rubbed my eyes.  I giggled.  And I bought it.  It arrived with a few cobwebs and vintage grime.  It's not in working order, but it's in my house.  The buttons don't light up, but they go down when I press them.  It's not as vintage as I want (it's from the 1970's), but it's a start.  I cleaned it, cut the broken cord, and have it displayed where I will see it every single day.  I love when a dream comes true.

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