Clock Dependent

Yesterday, my kitchen clock died.  (slight pause for silence and reflection)

We've been replacing the battery several times in the past couple of months, and it still kept stopping.  And yesterday, it went kaput.  Back to this in a second....

My main 'job' in my life is providing daycare to my grandchildren, forty-five minutes away, Monday through Friday.  Both my son and daughter-in-law work for the education department, so I am currently on 'summer vacation'.  Now, one thing I love about being on said vacation is not just being able to catch my breath, putter around my home, work on knitting projects, source vintage items for my shop, and use the restroom without a toddler asking me, from the other side of the door, what I'm doing.  What I absolutely love is NOT being 'held' by time.  No alarm to wake me at 5:tooearly a.m., not worrying about how much time I have to run errands during the day or having to take the fastest route to get there.  I don't even wear a watch.  (well, that's mainly because I have really small wrists and I hate anything dangly on my arm)

Well, I didn't *think* I was held by time until this clock broke.  It's the only clock we have in the house that hangs on the wall.  The spot on the kitchen wall has had a clock occupying it for the past 27 years.  Today, I must have looked at that darn empty spot no less than 20 times.  It's irritating.  I have no reason to know the time.  Why do I need to wait until five o'clock to cook dinner?  Doesn't my stomach let me know to feed it?  I can tell you my dog knows what time it is, and I've never seen him look at the clock.  At 3:30 pm he was following me around the house, letting me know that I can go ahead and get his dinner ready for him.  I can look out the window and tell by the position of the sun that it's late afternoon.  I'll know that it's after five when my daughter get home from work.

This broken clock has opened my eyes to the fact that:  although I had assumed that I was being all relaxed and fancy-free, I was still - subconsciously - depending on the clock to keep my on track.  I have ordered a new (vintage style, of course) clock that should get here some time next week.  Oops!  Gotta run - the kitchen timer's letting me know that the chicken's ready!

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