The Admiration Continues...

I have admired the lovely, elegant lady pictured above for as long as I can remember.  Throughout my childhood, she lived behind the thin glass of Gramma's China closet, with a myriad of other collectibles.

I loved the swooping curls of her fashionable hairdo.  The smart chapeau that matched her green blouse.  Her lovely pearl necklace and matching earrings.  A beauty mark, just beneath her eye.  Long eyelashes beneath perfectly shaped eyebrows.  And those classy red lips.  I would stand in front of that China closet, gazing upon her beauty, every single time I went to Gramma's house.  She inspired me so much, that I wore a similar style hat and had my hair done in an updo, Gibson Girl style, when I got married (yes, it was the 80's.....).

She is a head vase.  She is one of many hundreds of styles that were made in the 1950's through the 1970's, and were usually found at five-and-dime stores.

I still love her, and am very grateful that she now resides in one of Gramma's China closets in my dining room.  My three-year-old grandson has recently become enchanted with the special items that are kept behind that thin, curved glass.  A few newer pieces that are not necessarily heirlooms are taken out and I allow him to gently adimire them.  At his last visit, he asked if he could see 'the lady'.  I answered, "Oh, no, sweetie.  I have loved her since I was a little girl.  When you get to be much, much bigger, I will let you look at her closer."

I still think she is elegant and beautiful.  But I now wonder if, as indicated by her pose, she may feel a bit faint.  Perhaps she has a migraine coming on.  Maybe there's a toddler at her knee with sticky hands saying, "Mama!  Mama!  Mama!".  Or, more realistically, her husband has inquired if they are out of mayonnaise without himself looking in the pantry to see for himself......

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