Gardening with Help from my Ancestors

This past weekend, the weather was almost fall-like.  Even as we are in the end days of July, the coolness hinted to more of an October feel.  On Sunday, I took advantage of the bright warm sunshine and the gentle breezes to tackle the weeds in my vegetable garden.  So, after a quick breakfast, I donned a hat, my old patched jeans, a tee shirt, and dirty shoes and headed out back.

I had my work cut out for me!  Everywhere, crab grass, Johnson grass, purslane, and ragweed were rooting and thriving.  Inside my tool shed, which was built by my husband as an anniversary gift a few years ago, I grabbed my trusty hand rake and set to work.  (Actually, first I said a quicky "Howdy" to the little mouse couple that has built a cozy nest in the corner of the shed and warned them, again, to stay away from the house!)  And THEN I set to work!

I sat right down in the dirt, and began pulling those weeds out by the roots.  It's a somewhat mindless chore, and my mind wanders as I'm working.  I've had this vegetable garden in pretty much the same spot for most of the 27 years we've lived here.  I thought of how - not so long ago - I was out in the garden with my little ones, showing them the growing vegetables and waiting to pluck tomatoes, cucumbers, and peas from the plants.  Now, I planted vegetables according to the tastes of my grandkids (such as butternut squash and strawberries).  My, how those times have flown.

As I raked around the plants, loosening the soil and rooting up the weeds, I thought of my old hand rake.  It was my great-grandfather's.  A man who had his own farm and family.  A great-grandfather I had never met.  But a great-grandfather that is helping this great-granddaughter grow food for her family and his great-great-great-grandchildren.

It brought both a smile to my face and a tear to my eye.  Someday, I wonder if some of my 'greats' down my family lineage will be raking away weeds with this trusty hand rake.  And think of me.

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